3 Ways You Can Treat Sensitive Teeth At Home

Have you noticed that your teeth are a bit sensitive to hot and cold foods? Sometimes this is a sign of a more serious issue, like a cavity, but usually it is just a sign that your enamel has worn a bit thin or you're suffering from a little gum disease. These are issues you can address at home. Try these three home remedies for sensitive teeth. If they don't work within a week or two, then you should seek treatment from your dentist because you may be dealing with a bigger issue. [Read More]

They're Not Supposed To Be That Color: Two Tricks To Get A Whiter Smile

Unless you are a celebrity that can afford the perfect smile, chances are you have extrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains happen when the enamel on your teeth become stained. Stains can occur for a variety of reasons. Smoking, dark drinks and poor dental care can all contribute to the discoloration in your teeth. Luckily for you, there are a few tricks that you can do right from home that will help brighten and whiten those teeth to give you a better and more confident smile. [Read More]

5 Quick Tips For Maintaining Your Bonded Composites

Composite bonding is a popular alternative to porcelain veneers because the material itself bonds very tightly with the surface of the tooth, instead of being attached with adhesives. If you've chosen this technique for improving the shape and color of your smile, you still need to take care of the new additions to prevent staining and chipping. These five tips prevent damage in between visits to the dentist. Wear a Night Guard [Read More]

4 Tips For Repairing And Caring For Your Dentures

Now that you have invested in dentures, it is important to take good care of them so that they can last as long as possible. Additionally, having dentures replace your original teeth does not mean you can neglect the rest of mouth. Everything needs to be kept clean and in good working order so that you can have the healthiest mouth possible. Listed below are 4 tips for caring for and repairing your dentures. [Read More]